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50 FREE Personal Studies - Come and See

Since 1977, Ariel Ministries has been committed to the disciple making process. 

Throughout the years Ariel Ministries has continued to expand its extensive range of resource materials including books, videos and other study tools to assist believers and new disciples to grow in the understanding and application of the Scriptures.

​The core of Ariel’s Systematic Theology is the Come and See Discipleship Training Schedule. This Schedule incorporates 50 individual lessons with printed notes, downloads and quizzes. 

Jesus was a Jew
Feasts of Israel
Outreach Videos

It’s FREE and we encourage you to embark on this exciting journey of discovery. You will experience a more vibrant spiritual life as you grow in your understanding of Yeshua’s Word from a Jewish perspective. You will learn how to more effectively communicate Scriptural truth and God’s profound message “to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile”.

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